About Counselling

My style of counselling is known as person centered, I trained using the humanistic model at Bristol University. This model deals with the ways in which individuals perceive themselves consciously rather than how a counsellor can interpret unconscious thoughts or ideas.

It is a non-authoritarian approach that allows you to take more of a lead in discussions so that, in the process, you will discover you own solutions. I am there to offer compassion, to listen without judgement and to encourage, support and guide you without interrupting or interfering with your process of self-discovery. It works extremely well for anyone who would be would like to gain more self-confidence, a stronger sense of identity, and the ability to build healthy interpersonal relationships and to trust his or her own decisions could benefit from person-centered therapy.

It can also be very helpful for those who suffer from grief, depression or anxiety. Counselling will give you an opportunity to think and talk about yourself and concerns that you often cannot do with family and friends.

I offer a safe, confidential space where you can talk about yourself and your life. To listen with no judgment, helping you to make the changes that you would like to happen, working towards improving your life and well-being.

I am registered with the British Association of Counselling and Psychotherapy and work within the BACP ethical framework. Helpful information sheets are available online which give a fuller explanation of what might be expected during therapy.

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